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Many factors can influence your jewelry conditions. The tips and tricks that follow can help you maintaining your jewelry in good condition.

Ensure that your jewelry is properly cleaned, repaired and stored.

Protect your jewelry from water, knocks, scratches, chemicals, sunlight and heat/cold. Ideally, store your jewelry in its original jewelry box or pouch, and try to keep pieces apart, so that they do not rub together or tangle up.

Be aware that external factors such as humidity, heat, cosmetic products, or transpiration coming into contact with jewels may lead to reducing the luster of gemstones and diamonds, as well as the gold surfaces. The luster of jewels can easily be maintained using specific, non-abrasive products specially meant for cleaning jewelry. Soapy water used with a soft toothbrush is often ideal and sufficient.

The good habits:

  • – Remove your jewel when washing your hands
  • – Store your jewel in individual jewelry box or pouch
  • – Gently clean your jewel from time to time with soapy water and a soft toothbrush

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